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Sgt. Chuck Walsh was among first Green Berets in South Vietnam

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World traveler: Chuck Walsh, a former Green Beret staff sergeant in Vietnam, who now lives in Bellegio subdivision in Venice, Fla., served in the 5th Special Forces unit in 1962 looks at a VFW magazine with his picture on the cover. The cover story is about a dozen old soldiers returning to the country as a group in 2005. Photo by Don Moore

By Don Moore
When Staff Sgt.Chuck Walsh’s Green Beret unit jumped into Dak Pek, in the highlands of South Vietnam in 1962 to fight alongside the Montagnards, the indigenous people, they were trail blazers.

This was three years before American forces officially declared they were fighting in South Vietnam. It was before there were maps of the country, before helicopters were used to ferry U.S. fighting forces into battle and before the shooting on the ground supposedly involved the USA.

“In September I parachuted in as a member of Company B, 13th Detachment, 5th Special Forces unit,” the 72-year-old Special Forces veteran said. “I was one of a 12-man Green Beret unit that worked with the Montagnards.”

He flew as tail-gunner in seaplane in the Atlantic and Pacific during WW II

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Young warrior: Andy Knef of Port Charlotte, Fla. is pictured at 20 straddling the tail of a Martin Mariner, twin-engine sea plane in the Pacific during World War II. He was the tail-gunner on the plane during numerous combat missions in the Atlantic and Pacific.

By Don Moore
Andy Knef joined the Navy in 1942 at 17 with his parent’s permission. Trained as an aviation machinist mate, he spent most of his time as a tail-gunner on a Martin Mariner (PBM) twin-engine seaplane flying combat missions in the Atlantic and Pacific.

“My father had been in the Army in World War I. I knew I didn’t want to do that,” the 83-year-old Port Charlotte, Fla. man said. “I figured in the Navy I’d get three meals a day and a bed to sleep in.”

He was assigned to Squadron PPB-214 that flew out of Norfolk, Va. On most of his missions in the Atlantic they escorted ship convoys to Europe. They also flew missions looking for enemy submarines, but never spotted any.